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Growing up, I wondered why I was so fussy about lighting: the intensity, placement, type of fixture, etc. If it wasn’t right, I had a hard time being in that room.  Friends and family didn’t think twice when I pointed it out. I’d wondered if it was just a weird quirk I had, but then I discovered there were entire industries where caring about lighting wasn’t weird.

Over the years, my fascination with the way lighting can affect mood and make things look a certain way turned into career serving some of the largest brands and publications in the world.

I’ve always sought to understand why things are the way they are in life. Career-wise, the search for answers has led me to continually explore and participate in workshops and training courses, as well as read countless books/articles/trade magazines in order to continue to progress and expand my knowledge of the craft. 

I find filmmaking such a great medium that balances expression and service. I love collaborating with people who are passionate about what they do, whether it’s fellow filmmakers and artists looking to make a statement, or businesses excited about getting the word out about their latest products and services.